You waited for it… You stomped your feet… You camped out on the BEta Larp event page just for this… 👀
Yes! That’s them! Registrations for BEta Larp 2023 are now open 🙌 10 years of this event, 10 years of it thrilling our souls and hearts (no, no, we’re not exagerating!) 💕
So go for it and share it widely! Whether you’re a speaker or a participant, whether you’re coming for a day, two, sleeping, eating on site or elsewhere: re-gi-ster 📝And let’s make this 10th an unforgettable event together 🤗
☝️ As every year, you’ll have the opportunity to put a free price on your participation: this is a way of supporting our activities according to your means and motivation.
👕 We’ve also paid close attention to comments concerning sweaters and T-shirts, and have given preference to top-level products made from organic cotton, to minimize our ecological impact, developed under ethical and responsible conditions. Speakers will now be able to choose not to automatically receive the T-shirt, and to participate in their purchase if they so wish.
♻ In the same vein, BEta Guides will no longer be systematically printed, but will be printed at your request via the ticketweb.
💸 We’ve also been forced to increase prices for overnight stays and meals in view of the general rise in Auberge prices.
And, above all, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in comments or at 📧

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