The Whims

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

    You have just moved into your new home and it is time to start living your new life! This is a blackbox-larp strongly inspired by the game The Sims.

    In this experience half of the participants play as Whims and the other half as Gamers. After half of the playtime you will switch roles.

    As a Whims you will play out the actions that your Gamer is choosing for you, and also let them know how their choices make you feel.

    As a Gamer you will decide the faith of your Whim by guiding them through a life path that you choose. You are the master of their life.

    This game has fast pacing, big emotions and is a parody of the game The Sims. When your life is fast-forwarded everything happens all at once.

    Everyone is welcome!

    No need to have any knowledge about the game The Sims or bring anything but yourself to participate.

    (A LARP by Kajsa Seinegård)

    Pre-registration required: link to form..


    Short Larp | Jérémie Daelen

    Saturday, October 28, 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.


        Life Lessons

        Drawing a live human model can sometimes reveal more about you than it does about the subject. In this larp, you will play a group of students at a weekly life-drawing class, across a series of six lessons. The process of drawing will open up your characters – to themselves, and to each other – and they will share and bond.
        It’s important to bear in mind that this larp is not really about drawing: you don’t have to be able to draw, or even to enjoy drawing, to take part. Drawing is just a mechanism for approaching the exploration of your character. What you draw during the larp will not be seen by anyone other than yourself, unless you wish it to.


        Short Larp | Mo Holkar

        Saturday, October 28, 8:30 to 11:30 p.m.


            Les derniers bars avant la fin du monde [In French]

            A team of 5 “new explorers” embark on the “Unsinkable”®, a revolutionary pocket submarine prototype designed and piloted by billionaire entrepreneur Dick Johnson. Their goal is to be the first tourists to be able to descend to a depth of 3821 meters to admire the timeless majesty of the titanic wreck (via a 4K HDR ++ camera and a superb retina™ panoramic curved 8K XHRD+ screen).

            Excerpt from the sales brochure:

            “The submarine offers its occupants unparalleled comfort with a vast cabin measuring 2m*1m*1m40 high. Piloting this little jewel of technology is child’s play with a Logitech™ F710 controller connected via Bluetooth. For an additional fee, passengers can also access their Netflix™ series or Spotify™ playlist throughout the journey. The ‘explorer’ package allows you to take part in the expedition for the preferential pre-booking rate of 0,000.00 to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t hesitate! Take the plunge!”

            This mini-larp takes a light-hearted, parodic approach to a recent tragic current event. Although the characters portrayed in this mini-larp will experience some stressful and trying moments, it is resolutely feel-good for the participants. Characters will be created in a workshop, collaboratively by participants on the basis of detailed character sheets. The GN will be followed by a quick debriefing.

            – Thrill-seeking billionaires
            – Vanity
            – Egos under pressure
            – Promiscuity
            – Emptiness of existence

            Trigger Warning:
            – Death (and evocation of death)
            – Claustrophobia
            – Sudden promiscuity, with bodily contact
            – Accidents
            – Panic
            – Verbal violence


            Short Larp | Romain Féret-Bosquelle

            Saturday, October 28, 9:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.



                The larp takes place in the realm of Limbo, betwixt and between life and death. Beyond time. A waiting place to reflect on life as it has been so far before either returning to life once again or facing the unknown on the other side of death. The characters are a group of people from our own time and society who are hovering between life and death who find themselves stranded in Limbo.


                Short Larp | Irena

                Sunday, October 29, 2 to 4 p.m.