Larps Awards Ceremony

🏆🏆 BEta Larp | Larp Awards 🏆🏆
You saw it yesterday (and already, perhaps, in the schedule publication!): this year, we’ll be holding ✨ Larp Awards ✨ to reward the French-speaking Belgian Larps of the year! A simple, fun little moment to celebrate the organizers, volunteers, NPCs and players who keep our passion alive!
To elect and reward all these fine people, we need your contribution 🫵 You can designate YOUR favorite Larp in one of the 11 defined categories, by filling in the following form: 👏
Thank you in advance for your election 🙏
⚠⚠ We’re also attracting your attention: you have until October 1 to book your goodies and other items with your registrations. So take the time to register ➡ After this deadline, suppliers will no longer accept orders ⚠⚠

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