Is BEta Larp made for you? The answer is at the bottom of the page…

BEta Larp is a friendly gathering for LARP practitioners who want to think and discuss their favorite hobby, whether they are newcomers, event planners or experienced players. BEta Larp also welcomes international guests or speakers, who can present their outlook about LARPs while learning about ours.

BEta Larp takes place usually during January (this year, it will be 01/28), right before the general meeting for BE Larp, the Belgian Larp Federation. Although the activities offered during the event may vary from one year to the next, there are usually conferences, round table debates and workshops put together by members of our community, in a friendly and festive mood.

Is BEta Larp made for me?

BEta Larp is for every person who wants to know more about LARP.
You are welcome whether you are searching for information about LARP in general, a young event planner, a player, an veteran…

What you’ll find at BEta Larp?

Many think that a convention means only long conferences and boring speeches.

They are wrong!

Our speakers and volunteers are doing everything they can to make you feel comfortable during this event and offer exciting and playful activities, according to demand.

We offer five kinds of activities:

  • conferences, presenting a specific subject, followed by a Q&A session
  • workshops, to try existing techniques or to create new ones
  • round table debates, to discuss or elaborate on opinions about a specific subject
  • mini-LARPs, to explore new ways to do things, new methods or new LARP themes
  • festive gatherings, to meet and talk together

The organizing team

    BE Larp

    BE Larp ASBL is the Belgian federation for Live Action Role Playing games. We gather non-profits who organize Larps and their volunteers. Our missions vary but the main principles are those:

    • Promote and facilitate the access to Larps, while highlighting its pedagogical, creative and other advantages ;
    • Favour and support volunteering ;
    • Be an exchange platform between the various volunteer teams ;
    • Offer services to facilitate Larp organisation, in a community spirit ;
    • Share experiences to better general practices and concepts ;
    • Make Larp seen by the non-profit and education field as a valid pedagogical technique ;
    • Promote Larp to the general public ;
    • Organise each year AVATAR, the biggest Belgian Larp open to newcomers and enthusiasts ;
    • Secure the united and active community of young roleplayers.

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