The workshop workshop (en Anglais)

(En Anglais) Workshops!

They seem to be the cool thing to do, the conditio sine qua non for a true ‘nordic style’ or even international larp. They also seem to be shoved around and into events for the sake of having a workshop, and do you really need that line-up exercise for your specific larp, or are you just throwing it in there because everyone seems to do so? And well, actually, what makes a good workshop work? And what makes it work in your specific larp?

In this short workshop (yes, indeed, very meta), we will jump headfirst into workshops, and try to make more sense of the exercises and the way they are delivered as well as of the way you structure and fit them in your larp.

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Atelier | Sandy

Samedi 28 octobre, de 18h15 à 19h15