It’s not bad to feel good. The meaningfulness of slice of life and feelgood larp (en Anglais)

(En Anglais) Larp needs to be packed with action and activities. Or with tears and type two fun. Or with high drama and soap opera moments. Go big or go home, ideally with a panda face because of all the tears you shed, and a recollection of stories of how the your character did or suffered through horrible events.

But is larp only a deep, meaningful and good experience if your character has suffered, gone through big emotions and All The Drama TM?

Let’s talk about low drama play on slice of life stories, and about the impact and meaningfulness of feelgood. Because it is ok to want for your character not to suffer through the apocalypse, but to build a meaningful life after the big boom event. Let’s go beyond an oversimplification of the term feelgood, and look at how impactful it can be to play on positivity despite everything.


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Dimanche 29 octobre, de 11h30 à 12h30