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      BE Larp

      BE Larp ASBL is the Belgian federation for Live Action Role Playing games. We gather non-profits who organize Larps and their volunteers. Our missions vary but the main principles are those:

      • Promote and facilitate the access to Larps, while highlighting its pedagogical, creative and other advantages ;
      • Favour and support volunteering ;
      • Be an exchange platform between the various volunteer teams ;
      • Offer services to facilitate Larp organisation, in a community spirit ;
      • Share experiences to better general practices and concepts ;
      • Make Larp seen by the non-profit and education field as a valid pedagogical technique ;
      • Promote Larp to the general public ;
      • Organise each year AVATAR, the biggest Belgian Larp open to newcomers and enthusiasts ;
      • Secure the united and active community of young roleplayers.